Our Faith

I have traveled the world over seeing the beauty of God's creation, both in nature and in mankind. It was on one of these trips visiting the cities where early Christians lived that I first saw the Christian Wheel Symbol. My curiosity was immediately piqued and the rest as they say...is history. And I am now permanently linked to these early faithful people in a new way, and compelled to share the story with as many people as possible. Will you help return Jesus Christ to the market place and share HIS story?

Yours in Christ,

B Michael



  1. Learn the story

    The symbol itself is the outline.

  2. Wear the symbol

    These fine wearable products are beautiful

  3. Spread the Word
    You will be asked what you are wearing...tell them!

Borden Company Inc.

Our Favorite Places

Our Stories

I have been blessed with a love for Christ, the love of a beautiful wife, the ability to travel and an eye for photography. Travel with me through words and images to the Holy Land, Books 1 and 2. I hope you are as inspired and in awe of God's creations as much as I am!

Yours in Christ,

B Michael

Our Mission


"To provide quality christian-based products that reveal truth, inspire and create conversations about Jesus Christ on a daily basis. . .and which will put Jesus back into the marketplace."


The Christian Wheel Symbol is one of our product themes that fits our mission statement perfectly. When you wear or hand this quality designed piece to someone the questions begin to flow, and the truth of love and dedication is the story behind it. Few symbols have such a compelling story attached to it, leaving people from all walks of life wanting to know more.


We are proud to provide these quality pieces, designed and made in the USA.