Christian Wheel Pendant

A beautiful pendant showing the familiar fish symbol combined with the Christian Wheel. It was designed and individually hand-crafted by the Internationally known jewelry designer Sonny Rostami. Made of Sterling Silver using the "Lost-wax Casting Method" that dates back nearly 5000 years. The pendant is made in the USA.

Christian Wheel

Wrist Band

Ever-popular wrist-band with the fish and wheel symbol imprinted in black. 

Borden Company Inc.

IXOYE Story Card

All of the above items come with the Christian Wheel Symbol story card included at no charge. The story card explains the symbol and it's origins.

Christian Wheel Coin

A conversation piece to carry, show or share. 

Christian Wheel Key Chain

Functional, sturdy, high-quality reminder and conversation piece...

Christian Wheel Carvings - 3 Styles

3 Dimensional high-quality reminder and conversation piece...