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The Best-kept Secret in the World...

                    IXOYE Christian Wheel Symbol

A two thousand year old secret Christian Symbol is revealed. After Jesus was crucified and resurrected, Christians in the first century A.D. were under extreme persecution. Most Christians know of the Fish symbol; in Greek IXOYE (Ichthys) spells fish. Some historians believe the Greek Wheel preceded the fish symbol as the secret sign to followers of Christ. The Wheel contains the letters IXOYE superimposed so that the result looks like an eight-spoked wheel. This symbol is found in Ephesus and Israel.

The persecution of Christians, by the Roman Empire, ended in 312 A.D. Contantine was about to lead his army in a battle with Maxentius, to determine who would be the Emporer of the Roman Empire. As he began to pray, there was a "sign" in the sky. The symbol he saw was the Chi-Rho (XP) which are the first two letters of Christ. He also saw the words "In Hoc Signa Vinces". This is the Latin rendering of the Greek phrase and means, "In this sign you will conquer". He won the battle, became Emporer, and the persecution ended.

The Christian Wheel Symbol was not known by the authorities, but the Christians knew the real meaning of the fish (IXOYE). You are among a small select group on this earth that can share this knowledge with other Christians. It is our prayer that each person who receives this coin will find Joy and Peace (Romans 15:13) and that they will believe and follow Him.